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We Believe

Las Vegas Church of the Harvest is a church that loves the Bible because it is the Truth! 

Our focus is to teach the knowledge, principles, and application of the Bible for day-to-day living. 

When the Bible is taught in this manner, the Believer's life is transformed from bondage, slavery, and captivity to satan, to the righteousness, freedom, and Blessing of the Kingdom of God. 

Jesus brought the Kingdom and the fullness of its power here to the Earth for the Church. 

Now is the time for the Body of Christ to reign on Earth. 

The Church will reign through the power of the Kingdom of God because the Kingdom reigns over All!

Our Vision

We are not bound by fear or terror, but we are terrorizing the enemy's camp.  

Just as Jesus walked the Earth, everywhere we go, the blind see, the lame walk and the dead are raised.  We can not be stopped, for God's wisdom is residing in our hearts and minds. We open our mouths and it is as God's mouth, for we have removed the precious Truths of the Word of God, from the vile lies in this world and we only speak God's Word.


We have learned to live a life free from the spirit of fear and we are bound to the Law of God's Love. We are dedicated to do the will of God, staying full of God's power and Anointing. We are consistently being trained in the spiritual laws of the Kingdom of God, multiplying and making disciples through the power of His grace.


The love of God in us removes barriers, thus we are a multi-racial church, reaching out to all the nations of the world. Love is the foundational force holding us together to function as one body, as we help and encourage one another.


We are flowing in divine order, as each member knows their part and is doing their part, as unto the Lord.  We are fulfilling the GREAT COMMISSION of the Lord Jesus Christ, going into all the world and preaching the Gospel, all for the glory and praise of ALMIGHTY GOD! 

(Mark 16:17 AMP)​

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