Train Your Eyes and Imaginations To See What Your Faith Believes It Receives...

It Is A Proven Fact That... 

Whatever you can see with your faith is what will show up in your life.


When faith is fed and allowed to control our thoughts, visions, and imaginations, we will make the decisions to bring what we continually believe to pass.

Our faith will increase and become stronger, because we are training our senses to live by what we believe.

Faith that grows consistently is a product of prayer and meditation of the Word of God. (Joshua 1:8)

Here's How Meditation Builds Strong Faith...

  • Meditation and prayer will get our eyes off of negative circumstances and on the promised results of the Word of God.

  • It helps you see glimpses of the great plan that God has for you, as you look into the saving power of the Word of God.  Revelation of God's Word will grow and take the limits off of your faith.

  • Helps you call things that are not as though they are, because meditations helps you see what you believe as your reality

  • It fights against discouragement, because you're building a stronghold of faith in your thoughts and imaginations. Everyday you'll starting creating new God inspired visions . 


    Through the new birth, God designed us to live by faith that is increased by meditation and prayer of the Bible.

We were created to live by faith!

Romans 1:17

  • No matter how big your dreams, God has provided what you need to bring them to pass, utilizing His power!

  • Your faith is the key that opens the door to all the unseen possibilities God has prepared for you.

  • The dream that looks too impossible, is the one that requires your faith. 



Meditation Guides To Build  Strong Faith