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The Missing Link To Experience More of the Power of God!

"Communion Prayer & Meditation Guide"

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Limited Time Special Offer: Get the "Communion Prayer Guide and "The Power of the Blood of Jesus" MP3" Download for $1.99

Let me ask you a question?...

"Is communion just quickly eating the bread and drinking the cup, with no real thought or meditation about what it means to us?"


Many do it, but, it can become so much more beneficial for your spiritual nourishment, as you go through the steps in this month’s download. We can only receive the benefits from God that our faith has revelation to see. 


This e-book gives you all you need to grow in faith, and see more and more of the benefits that Jesus purchased for you.


Communion is the holy meal that will open your eyes to recognize what God has prepared for your life and what the devil has no right to. The Kingdom of God and all of God's goodness is waiting for you to take, but it can only be taken by faith.


The Bible says " will know the truth and the truth will make you free." (John 8:32) Free from the destruction in this world!


God has supplied us with all the resources we need to experience this promise of His goodness. It just requires our faith to be engaged with corresponding actions!


The "Prayer For Communion" e-book is still free for you now, but will be changing soon. Make sure and download your copy now and build your faith to take all that God has provided for you in 2021.

Activate Your Benefits


Communion helps you experience more of God’s goodness and love. This download bundle will

inspire you to receive more of God’s:

  • Favor

  • Breakthroughs

  • Miracles

  • Answers to prayer

  • Healing

  • Revelation and more.

Not taking Communion enough is the missing link to experiencing more of the redemptive Promises of God. Download your copy and start today!


With all the changes that came in 2020, God has impressed me that we as believers and members of the Body of Christ, need to increase our faith, courage, and expectation, in the power of our redemption. In Matthew 9:29 Jesus said, ..."According to your faith, be it unto you."  We must build our faith to dominate our surroundings and not have the attitude, "let’s see what happens."


God is on our side and He has given us an open ticket to use His power through our faith, to dominate our atmosphere.


This valuable package, will help you see more and more, the redemptive benefits God has given you so you can utilize them in 2021.  The Holy Spirit will help you access, ignite, and activate all the powers, from the heavens for God‘s perfect will in your life and family for 2021.


I encourage you to take Communion often, it will change your life as it expands your perspective of faith. Many take it daily and are seeing miracles, upon miracles. Stir your faith up, for the glory of God to be revealed in your life for 2021!

God Bless you,

Pastor Sandy

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Special offer: "The Power of the Blood of Jesus" MP3" included at no charge. LIMITED TIME OFFER.


Increase your knowledge and your faith in the redemptive power of your Blood Covenant with Almighty God. 


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