Pastor Sandy Mays

At age 34, Sandy Mays found herself in a troubled marriage when her husband of 8 years developed a crack cocaine addiction and had numerous extramarital affairs.  Having a small daughter, Sandy was now faced with the responsibility of being the sole provider for her child; compounded by being the sole caretaker for her mentally and physically challenged mother.  Sandy's husband had been the primary financial provider for the household, leaving her without enough income to pay her monthly household bills, on her income alone.  She had received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior several years prior, attended church regularly and even sang in the praise and worship at her local church, but had no idea her life would be overwhelmed with such turmoil and misery.  The emotional strain, insecurity and uncertainty resulting from her marriage, finances and mother's illness plagued her daily.  She was unsure how she would make it out of her life's turmoil and at times felt completely helpless.  She had heard testimonies from others of how God has turned their lives and marriages around, but wondered if God would do the same for her.  She decided to believe that He would.

She began searching the Scriptures and found dozens of verses that touched her heart and ministered to her situation.  She wrote out 3x5 cards with these Scriptures, in first person, present tense, and began praying them three times a day.  Each day her faith grew stronger, as she began to learn how to cast her cares upon God and see her life the way God had promised in His Word.  She made a conscious decision to forgive her husband and everyone else that had hurt and offended her.  She sought the Lord each and every day for strength, peace and direction.  Through these difficult times, God showed up daily with favor, grace and provision, miracle after miracle took place in her finances, family and life, and she learned to fully trust and rely on God for everything.  Building her faith and trusting God, allowed her to walk through the storm and brought her to where she is today.

Today, Pastor Sandy Mays reaches people who feel hopeless, teaching them how to experience the love of God and His unfailing ability that causes them to win, no matter what ,all over the world.  She is the founder and Senior Pastor of Las Vegas Church of the Harvest in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Every service is filled and led by the Holy Spirit as she teaches the Word of God in application to everyday life, bringing encouragement, ability with her faith boosting messages from the Word of God.  Las Vegas Church of the Harvest is an affiliate church of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. 


Pastor Sandy is the author of, “Will You Answer the Call to Pray?”, a comprehensive prayer guide that empowers you to pray for everything from, the government to weight loss.  The Prayer Guide is making its way all over the world including China, helping the members of the Body of Christ to pray in the transforming power of the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Pastor Sandy has also authored 21 Day Challenges to help institute the change that comes when the Word of God is meditated on and applied consistently.  She produced "The Healing Channel" on YouTube, a channel full Bible based meditation videos that help to create God inspired imaginations about the life of the Believer in Christ.  There are other materials available by Pastor Sandy, such as her  "Meditation to Transformation", series that are available in MP3 and CD formats and her Word Meditations mobile app, to help you renew your mind and strengthen your faith.  


Pastor Sandy believes and teaches that it is not enough to only know the Word of God, but, it must be active in our conscious 24/7 hours a day and control our decisions in our day to day lives.   All of her study, and meditation materials, and resources, are designed to close the door to fear,  and doubt, and allow your faith to flourish.   Pastor Sandy is completely committed to helping others move from fear and hopeless, to living a faith-filled and victorious life!

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