We Must Train Ourselves To Cast Our Cares Daily

January 17, 2021

I remember the first time I gave my cares to the Lord regarding a family matter I was dealing with (1Peter 5:7). The first day I gave it to Him, and within five minutes I had taken it back, stepping in the the way of God to handle it. Of course that brought the results I did not want, so I repented to the Lord and gave it to Him again. 

This time I was able to stay in faith for about an hour, when fearful thoughts came to my mind and I jumped in God's way again, taking the care from Him. Once again the results that came from my actions were not what I desired. So, I repented again and gave it back to God again.


This process went on for some time until my faith finally got strong enough to leave the cares I had given to God with Him and not take them back. It was through doing this exercise daily, weekly, and monthly, that I finally developed my faith strong enough, to give my cares to God and leave them there. Faith that kept the cares with God, resisting contrary thoughts, imaginations, and even encounters, until the breakthrough came.

One important thing I found out to make this training process easier, was  starting my day in prayer and reviewing the promises that God had given me about the issues. Doing this daily caused  my faith grow, because whenever I fell into  the temptation of taking the care, I would respond in faith by repenting and giving it back to God. As time when on this happened less and less frequently. Every time I did this I was training myself to change how I saw the matters I was dealing with. Faith was taking over, so I stopped seeing them according to what was going on, but according to what God had promised.


Confession: Father, I repent for taking the cares back that  I have given to You. Please forgive me, I know that it is only You that can bring the miracles I believe I have received.  I know you are working even now, so I give it all back to You and I praise You for the peace I have, through my faith as I trust You, in the Name of Jesus. 

Carrying the Care of the Matter Doesn't Connect You to Jesus' Victorious Power

January 16, 2021

Jesus faced every intimidating matter for us on the cross! That's right, He was tempted in all points of life for us. (Heb. 4:15) He overcome them without sinning and now we have access to His victorious procession over the enemy and every issue we will face in life.


We have access to the strategies of God and the mind of Christ that operates at the highest level of light. We have been destined for victory in Christ and given all that we need to experience God's power in every area of our lives. 

Have you ever had these thoughts, "you can't relax now, you need to figure this out." You can't sleep, this might happen. How can you be happy with all this stuff going on? Carrying cares and worries may feel right or like it is the appropriate thing to do to our natural mind and our emotions. But, they don't lead us to what we really need. We need the answers to God's glorious manifestations in our lives. Faith is the key that opens that door and releases that power to enforce what Jesus already accomplished.

Confession: Father, Forgive me for taking the thoughts about these matters I am facing now. I refuse to worry and carry the cares about them and I connect with the victory Jesus already provided. I release my faith and I receive the great light that destroyed the enemies power in my life. I connect to the procession of victory Jesus provided. Thank You Father! I praise You for giving me the victory, in the Name of Jesus.

Don't Let the Cares of the World Choke the Word

January 15, 2021

One of the main tactics of the enemy is to fill us with the cares, fears, and worries of the world. (Mark 4:19)

Thoughts like:

  • When is God going to do this?

  • How is God going to do it?

  • Why hasn't it already happen?

  • What am I going to do if He doesn't do it?​

These are some of the standard thoughts that bring discouragement and doubt. The Bible says these thoughts come in and choke the Word of God and make it unfruitful. It's like pouring poison on your crops that you are growing for harvest. They stop your faith from developing the harvest and bringing it to pass in your life.


These questions are not of faith, they are born of fear, and are not where our focus should be.  Faith overrides these questions, because faith is the substances of things hoped for. Faith gives the evidence to what is not seen by our natural senses.  Faith's answer to these questions is, "Praise God! I believe I receive my Promise from God and I have it now. Thank You for it Father!"

Our fight is to keep our focus in the right place. Faith giving evidence to God's faithfulness in will bring His glorious Promise pass.

Confession: Father, I cast down every question of fear concerning Your Promises to me. I refuse to focus on questions generated by the devil and unbelief. I release my faith today to give evidence to what my natural eyes have not seen, but what I believe I have received. I praise You and thank You for this wonderful harvest, in the Name of Jesus.

Trust In God's Care For You

January 14, 2021

Daily we need to build our faith in God's love for us and His faithfulness to us. (1Peter 5:7)

The greater revelation we have of His love, the greater faith we will have to trust Him. Powerful faith is powerful because it is able to trust God to do the impossible. Great men and women of God do phenomenal things and obtain supernatural results by developing faith that grows in trusting God.

Doing this can be very uncomfortable to our natural senses, but it is very necessary. Trusting God and not fearing, allows Him to lead us to where His power and grace will flow.  Trusting in what He sees and says is what brings the supernatural results into view of our natural senses. 

Develop this level of faith, by reading the Bible Scriptures that tell of God's love for you and act on them by casting your cares, plans, goals, and dreams on Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to assist you as you release every thought about your dreams,  goals and desires to the Lord.

Confession: Father, Thank You for Your love for me. I lean into Your power of love for my life and I refuse to doubt or fear and I keep all my cares, plans, goals, and dreams on You. Your love is bringing everything to pass. Love is fulfilling my life and I praise You for it Father, in the Name of Jesus.

Casting Your Care on the Lord

January 13, 2021

Casting our cares on the Lord means learning to trust in His power and goodness.

  • We pray His perfect will, with the help of the Holy Spirit, by praying in other tongues and praying His Word.

  • Then our faith receives the answers. Faith is full of joy, because it is resting under God's Banner of Love!   

It's not worrying; being full of fear and cares that enable us to see the answers God has provided. It takes faith to see the light of God's power that is working. All the strategies of God are the strategies of the highest level of light.  God is Light and in Him there is no darkness.  That's why we need to throw off all the worries and fears of darkness and their strategies, and  cast our cares on the Lord.  This unites us with the power of His Light, that is working far above what is revealed and seen by the natural eye. This power is revealed through faith, by the power of the Spirit. Neh. 8:10

Confession: Father, I give You my cares and worries. I cast them off of me and onto You my Lord. I unite with your power and the strategies of Light, that are working through You now. You are my light and in You there is no darkness. I stand in faith in the Light of your victorious power and rejoice in Your awesome wisdom of Light, in the Name of Jesus.

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