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"Will You Answer the Call to Pray? Chapter One Download


Hi Family and Friends,


A strong prayer life is the very beginning to developing a strong relationship with God. Our Prayer Guide, "Will Your Answer the Call to Pray?" is formatted and written to help you see yourself the way God created you and build your faith in your ability to hear from Him and fulfill His plan for your life. 

It is written from God's perspective of your life, so you use our prayer guide daily, you will  begin to see your life the way He see you and pray from His perspective.  This builds your vision and your faith about who your are in Christ and will enhance your faith to change your life.

Please enjoy Chapter one of my Prayer Guide as a free download. It is the basic beginning of developing a powerful prayer life.

Note: we are practicing all the requirements of social distancing.


Order your copy of "Will You Answer the Call to Pray?" It is changing and enhancing the prayer lives of people all over the world!

Click here to get order your copy of "Will You Answer the Call to Pray?"


Thank you 

Pastor Sandy

Download Section One of Prayer Guide Here...

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