This Month's Free Resource

Healing Prayer Guide

This month's free download resource includes my  "Healing Prayer Guide" 13 pages of confessions, prayers, and graphics to create your vision of health. Also enjoy my "Meditation For Healing MP3"
Hi Family and Friends,

God said in, Proverb 23:7, "As a man thinks, so is he." These are God's Words and Power. They tell how the laws work that govern our existence and our lives. 


Our thoughts determine our results, so we need to make sure that we have the right thoughts and that we are continually thinking about them. I cannot think of any other thoughts more valuable to hold in my mind, visions, and imaginations than God's. How about you?


Especially with all the fear that is running rampant over social media, the news, and all the major communication networks. The message is fear, fear, and more fear. We must remember this:

  • fearful thoughts draw what you fear

  • faith thoughts draw what you believe


That is why God lead me to create this month's free download, the "Healing Prayer Guide" to help us keep our faith working and drawing life, health, and peace to us.


As born again believer's, God put the Anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ inside our born again spirit, so that we could release its power throughout all of our body. It is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God.


I have found that many do not know that it is inside them or how to actively release it. This month's resource will assist you in growing your faith to believe, release, and receive, the life and peace the Anointing will provide for you.


I have also included with this month's  download, one of my "Meditation For Healing" MP3s, for you to listen to while praying through the Healing Guide. It has helped many to get rid of the visions of fear, and create, and focus on the visions of faith to receive their healing.


Using both of these resources with stir your faith and energize you to release the Anointing within you, to be healed and live healed. Click the button to download your copy and get started today.


Love, Pastor Sandy

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