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Ladies of True Beauty

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A woman's beauty appears throughout her life in all the facets of her life, From wife, mother, career, entrepreneur, teacher, trainer, coach, friend, leader, etc.

The way she takes on the tasks in all phases of her life shows the reflection of her beauty.

Many women only express their beauty through physical appearance and leave the beauty area necessary to complete their life's fulfillment empty.

I'm referring to the spiritual side of beauty.
A woman who finds, nurtures, and learns to yield to her spiritual beauty reaches complete fulfillment in her life. Why? Because she knows how to complete her responsibilities through the grace that Jesus made possible for her.

The greatest challenge in finding true beauty is making the connection with grace and using faith to let grace work. 

This ministry will help women see and connect with God's fantastic levels of grace. 

Grace is here to help women shine in life with perfect beauty.

Structure of Session:

Meetings will be on Zoom. 
Each session will be on topic discussions from the Bible and other Biblically-based material.

Homework assignments consist of life applications with a weekly journal.

Start up session will be announced soon. Sign up below

We welcome you to this community of beautiful woman!
How will you attend?
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