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It's Time To Level-Up Your Life! 

Unlock the Fullness of God's Power To Make Your Dreams Come True...

It Starts With...

Presence of God in your life! 

Finding the Real Force of Your Strength.

 That strength is finding the  

Stop Missing Out On The Supernatural Power That God Has Placed In Your Life.

This power is activated by faith to fulfill your destiny. It is the

supernatural power of God‘s ability that He has placed 

    within every born again Christian.

Using The Supernatural Ability That Increases Your Natural Abilities.

God's plan is for you to always rise far above your natural limitations

and abilities. 

Building A Strong Foundation Of Faith To See Your Life With.

When we start getting a clear picture of who we are on the inside, our faith will see the plan

for phenomenal increase and strengthen us to carry it out on the outside. Make it our reality!

God designed us to live this way through the new birth so, that His perfect plan could come to pass here on the earth.

No matter how big your dreams, God has provided what you need to bring them to pass, utilizing His power! Your faith is the key that opens the door to all the unseen possibilities. The dream the looks too impossible is the one that requires your faith.



Did You Know?...

What's included in our Free
meeting the real me page 2.png

5 Day Workbook to guide you to your new perspective.

Followup Video sent to your email after one week with tips to help you get more out of the 5 Day Workbook.

It Is A Proven Fact... 

That Daily Bible Based Meditation Will Build Strong Faith.

Bible based meditation will guide you into revelation from God that increases faith, by helping you

see what is not revealed to your natural senses.











     Establish an ever increasing vision that God can work through.   

How Will My Guide Help You?

    My guide and workbook "Meeting the Real Me," will help you:

Get a clearer picture who you really are. Open your eyes to who you are as a

 Build a strong vision of your life through your faith. It takes faith to see 

born again spirit created in God's image. This is one of the first steps to living by God's ability.

our real potential. The strong faith vision can see our lives the way God sees us.

Develop your life to continually grow in the revelation knowledge of Righteousness so you can 

receive all that God has provided for you as His heir.


Jaylene, Las Vegas

For years I allowed fear and dread to keep me from passing my GED and moving into a career that I loved. I settled for what I didn't really want until I found out how to connect with who God had made me. I started believing I was who He said I was through daily Bible meditation and went after passing the test for my GED. When fear tried to push me back, I stood up to it in the power of God! I passed my test after destroying the old fears that held me back. Today, I am in massage school preparing for my career as a message therapist. 

Through daily Bible meditation I have changed my perspective of my future from mediocrity to living in God's best!

Ready to download your guide and get started today?


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Meet Pastor Sandy Mays
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At age 34, Sandy Mays found herself in a troubled marriage when her husband of 8 years developed a crack cocaine addiction and had numerous extramarital affairs.  Having a small daughter, Sandy was now faced with the responsibility of being the sole provider for her child; compounded by being the sole caretaker for her mentally and physically challenged mother.  Sandy's husband had been the primary financial provider for the household, leaving her without enough income to pay her monthly household bills, on her income alone.  She had received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior several years prior, attended church regularly and even sang in the praise and worship at her local church, but had no idea her life would be overwhelmed with such turmoil and misery. She began searching the Scriptures and found dozens of verses that touched her heart and ministered to her situation.  She wrote out 3x5 cards with these Scriptures, in first person, present tense, and began praying them three times a day.  Each day her faith grew stronger, as she began to learn how to cast her cares upon God and see her life the way God had promised in His Word. Miracles upon miracles happen for her, as God's Word showed up to meet every need in her life bringing tremendous success, healing, and restoration! 

Today, Pastor Sandy Mays reaches people who feel hopeless, teaching them how to experience the love of God and His unfailing ability that causes them to win, no matter what ,all over the world.  Pastor Sandy believes and teaches that it is not enough to only know the Word of God, but, it must be active in our conscious 24/7 hours a day and control our decisions in our day to day lives. All of her study, and meditation materials, and resources, are designed to close the door to fear,  and doubt, and allow your faith to flourish. Pastor Sandy is completely committed to helping others move from fear and hopeless, to living a faith-filled and victorious life!

Rev. Sandy Mays

Senior Pastor, Las Vegas Church of the Harvest
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