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Life Vision Guide

Hi Family and Friends,

Have you noticed how your faith level dictates your peace level? Your faith level is determined by your ability to look at and believe what you don't see with your natural senses. Faith has vision and brings peace to your mind.


That's the reason I have put together a "Life Vision Guide" to help you keep looking at what your faith has received from God, but has not yet been revealed to your senses. 


The key to coming out of this pandemic successfully will be based on our ability to know and hold onto the plan and vision of God. He has already prepared the way to restore our lives, we just need to do it according to the principles of His Kingdom. That means we need to stop feeling overwhelmed because things look impossible and starting looking at the vision of our lives in the Kingdom of God, where every good thing is possible. Stop waiting for God to do something and partner up with what He has already done!​ 


God's culture is one of faith and His plan for us requires faith that can see what is not revealed by our five senses.  ​Faith that uses vision!


The "Life Vision Guide" will help you see by faith and operate according to the Kingdom of God to receive all that God has prepared and promised you for your life.


The "Life Vision Guide" makes it easier to:

  • create and keep the vision of God's promises before you daily so your faith can keep  getting stronger and stronger.
  • keep your eyes on the pictures of the end of your faith and not looking at the limitations around you right now. 
  • sow seed for your vision and praise God for your harvest. Always remember that every harvest requires a seed.
  • adjust your life to always operate in the principles of the Kingdom of God and always receive from it's vast resources.
  • and more.


​I'm so excited to share the first chapter of my, "Life Vision Guide" with you, so you can get started using your faith and receiving the promises of God to victoriously finish out 2020 and gloriously begin 2021! 


The first chapter is for your finances so you can tap into God's economy and receive all your need's met here in the earth.​  The Holy Spirt will lead you to experience the manifestations of power of God, with every need supplied.


The complete Life Vision Guide (will be available in the next few weeks) has exercises, and Scriptures to help you receive from the Kingdom of God for your: 

  • personal development

  • family matters

  • emotional healing 

  • physical healing


I know as you follow the basic exercises of the "Life Vision Guide", you are going to be amazed at how your results will change, because of the amazing power of God's Kingdom! Increase your rate of success today by downloading chapter one and start changing your mindset and your results. Everything you need to get start is in the Vision Guide and it's easy. 

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Thank you 
Pastor Sandy
Download Chapter One Now and get started activating your Kingdom benefits.
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