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"The Positive Mindset Guide" FREE!


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"The Positive Mindset Guide!"

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Full Vision Guide on sale in Shop.

You need a strategy to stay positive in a negative world!
The Life Vision Positive Mindset Guide will help you stay disciplined in feeding your mind with positive thoughts. 
The Bible is the most positive force of power that exists. 

I have added Bible verses to put God's power in your thoughts about your life!

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I'm keeping My mind on the Promises of God.

Stay Strong and Stay Positive In Your Thought Life!

The mind is the battleground of the devil. 

  • He can not win against you unless he can steal the power of God's word from you. 

  • He uses thoughts of doubt, fear, and defeat to get you to think and speak about your destruction.

You need a consistent strategy to protect your mind and your thoughts to protect your life!

Limited Time Offer!

To help build a solid faith-inspired mindset, you can download "The Positive Mindset Guide" portion of the Life Vision Guide as a gift, totally FREE!

The Positive Mindset Guide will help you:

  • Renew your mind to think the powerful thoughts of God.

  • Guard your mind against the attacks of the enemy by helping keep the right thoughts before you.

  • Train your mind to stay conscious of what God has promised you so you are energized with His power.

  • Pray faith-based prayers and not fear-based.

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I have also included the template section
of "The Positive Mindset Guide" as a link in 

Add pictures to your positive mind strategy
easily so you can see where you are going.



Print your template out or save it to your computer or mobile device. Canva is very easy to use! 

Make it a point to look at the Scriptures 
and vision templates daily.

You will stay strong and persistent to run
off the devil and negative

Yes, send me my free copy of The Positive Mindset Guide!

Thanks for submitting!
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