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Get Started  Leveling Up Your Life! 

Access 5 of My Best "Secret" Bible Meditations To Make Your Dreams Come True...

Here's What's Inside...

Get Connected to The Real Source of Your Strength by changing your focus from the outside of you to the inside.


Build Stronger Faith to Follow God's Strategies by renewing your thought processes to think spiritually first.

Grow In Your Ability To Hear and Know God's Voice by increasing your understanding and revelation of His wisdom and His Word.

Build Strong Faith Daily To Live in God's Abundant Plan by focusing on these 5 important Bible principles, that will take your faith to new levels of power for every area of your life.

Bonus: I've included a video to help you maximum your results from my 5 important Bible meditation secrets.


Jaylene Olopai, Message Therapist I settled for what I didn't really want until I found out how to connect with who God had made me. I started believing I was who He said I was through daily Bible meditation and now I am starting the new career I always wanted.
Cecile Mallory1.jpg
Dr. Cecile Mallory This guide does an excellent job of helping you to shift your view of yourself from your ego (whether it is good or bad) to understanding how much better it is to know how our Lord sees you! You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! Walking through the scriptures that Pastor Sandy has compiled in this guide makes it easy to absorb, meditate upon, and put into practice. It will change your life to know who you really are in Christ.
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Dr. Billye Brim Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks "Shalom, in all my dealings with Pastor Sandy Mays, she has demonstrated the love of the Lord along with the dedication to His service."
Kellie Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries" What a Blessing it will be to many and it is so well done. This is a great work! It's BRILLIANT!"  (Review of similar prayer resource)
Jasmine Mays, Your Favorite Fitness Coach I was raised praying my Mom's prayer guide. I realize that praying the Word in first-person, present tense really helped me to see my abilities in through the power of God. It gave me a vision to win. All of her Bible meditation resources are a blessing; books, eBooks, videos, MP3s, I love them all!

 Rev. Sandy Mays

Pastor, Teacher, Author & Spiritual Life Empowerment Coach
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At age 34, Sandy Mays found herself in a troubled marriage when her husband of 8 years developed a crack cocaine addiction and had numerous extramarital affairs.

 She began reading and writing the Scriptures three times a day until faith came to cast her cares upon God and see her life the way God had promised in His Word. 

Her results were healing and miracles upon miracles. Today she helps people do the exact same, all over the world.

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