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"Meeting The Real Me Meditation Ebook"

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It's meditating the Word of God that will fill you with revelation of the power of God and show you how to prosper!

Dear Family and Friends,
I am so excited about this month's free ebook, "Meeting The Real Me''. This e-book is formatted to help you continue to renew your mind and thoughts about your life and abilities.

It is filled with the Word of God about who you are as a born again child of the Living God. Seeing and meditating on these Scriptures will help you see your life the way God sees you.

When we start seeing our lives the way that God sees us, our faith rises and unlocks all the abilities, wisdom, and grace to do what seems impossible. Creating the life God has for us begins when we see ourselves the way that he sees us. God has provided everything that we need, and our part is to utilize what is provided.

New insights bring new abilities, new abilities bring new results, and new results bring a new level of living. God has brought us close to Himself and that means that He has brought us close Into the realm of His ability and power.


What Is The Best Way To Use this Meditation Guide?

  • There are a total of five sections, so I recommend reading through one section per day.

  • Read the section. out loud. Faith comes by hearing so as you hear yourself reading your faith will grow.

  • When you complete the fifth day, start again with day one.


Repetition is what builds faith to utilize the power of God! The more consistent you are in going through this resource, the faster your faith will grow. When the Scriptures start to dominate your thought life, the are rooted in your heart. You will be amazed at the revelation that will come from inside of your spirit for new levels of faith. 


Pastor Sandy

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