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Hey Everyone!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

One of the critical lessons I learned is that discovering who you are can only come through having a relationship with Almighty God. Once you are connected, He starts to lead you into His marvelous plan by teaching you how to trust and rely on Him. That's what this Church and ministry is all about. We are here to help you discover the phenomenal life you are destined for.  

I look forward to meeting you. God Bless you!

Pastor Sandy Mays

All About Me

At age 34, Sandy Mays found herself in a troubled marriage when her husband of 8 years developed a crack cocaine addiction and had numerous extramarital affairs.

Having a small daughter, she found herself responsible for being the sole provider for her child, compounded by being the sole caretaker for her mentally and physically challenged mother.


Sandy's husband had been the primary financial provider for the household, leaving her without enough income to pay her monthly bills on her income alone.


Several years before all of this happened to her family, Sandy had received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, attended church regularly, and even sang in the praise and worship at her local church.


She had no idea her life would be overwhelmed with such turmoil and misery. The emotional strain, insecurity, and uncertainty resulting from her troubled marriage, finances, and mother's illness plagued her daily. She was unsure how she would make it out of her life's turmoil and, at times, felt utterly helpless. She had heard testimonies from others of how God has turned their lives and marriages around but wondered if God would do the same for her. She decided to believe that He would.

Finding My Way Out

She began searching the Scriptures and found dozens of verses that touched her heart and ministered to her situation. She wrote out 3x5 cards with these Scriptures in first person, present tense, and began praying them three times a day.


Each day her faith grew more robust as she began to learn how to cast her cares upon God and see her life the way God had promised in His Word. She consciously decided to forgive her husband and everyone else who had hurt and offended her. Sandy sought the Lord every day for strength, peace, and direction.


Through these difficult times, God showed up daily with favor, grace, and provision; miracle after miracle took place in her finances, family, and life, and she learned to trust and rely on God for everything fully. God not only brought Sandy and her family through this storm but brought them through to an abundantly blessed life. She found confidence, strength, and freedom from fear she had never known before.





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