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Hey My Friend,

Have you heard people say, I'm just going to focus on me and what I like before I focus on anyone else? I want to create lasting change to fulfill my potential before I think about anyone else. I remember saying that myself years ago, but the lasting change I thought I would experience did not happen. I got a new hairstyle, wardrobe, and makeup and lost a few pounds, but that still did not give me the confidence I needed for lasting change that would take me into a fulfilling lifestyle. It was not until I found my relationship with God that lasting changes started happening in my life. I found confidence and strength I had never known through developing my relationship with God. I found what I loved to do and the power to go after it. I found a positive outlook on life because I had a close relationship with the one who controls all positive energy. The ironic thing that I realized was that I gained the most significant positive lasting change by not focusing on myself but focusing on God. Focusing on God enabled me to find my strength, qualities, confidence, and vision for my life. I found my life by focusing on the giver of life. What about you? I invite you to join us this Sunday at 10:45 amPST as we continue to focus on getting to know more about our Father God and experiencing the life-giving lasting change He brings. I look forward to you joining us! God Bless you, Pastor Sandy

Ways To Join This Sunday's Service:

In Person: Las Vegas Church of the Harvest 2000 S Jones #110 Las Vegas, NV. 89146 Other ways to join our Sunday Services: Join us wherever you are! Online: Visit our online church campus: Here Youtube: Here Facebook Live: Here

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