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Facing Hopelessness?

Thinking about your difficult times can make you surrender to hopelessness and give up.

😄❤️ Your natural abilities and answers are limited; that is why God put you in His Kingdom where His Love rules.

❤️❤️❤️Love has made all good things possible for you when you believe. Mark 9:23

🛐🙏🤩Turn your eyes on the God Who has ALL the answers and the power to make them happen easily.

🛐🔑🛐😍Join me in praising God for His Goodness and absolute miracles that baffle all-natural thinking.

✅Stay inspired to live the life of faith and win! Join our Sunday Worship Services. Online"

In-person: Las Vegas Church of the Harvest

2000 S Jones #110

Las Vegas, NV. 89146. (702) 364-9041

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