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Uncontrolled Anger Is A NO!

Boy, was that me! Outbursts of uncontrolled anger and anxiety. I thought I was controlling the issues, but they were holding me!

Fortunately, I went through coaching sessions to stop letting these anger and anxiety outbursts control me.

I learned to "...submit to God and resist the devil" during the times I was upset.

Consistently doing this developed a relationship of peace and control that came from the Word of God and made it my source of comfort. Please give me an "Amen" if you can relate.

In summary, God has promised to give us victory in every situation. But if we are in uncontrolled anger, we can not hear His voice.

So, we forfeit His divine intervention based on His Covenant Promise. And the forces of evil are in control, expressing themselves through us. If we are yielding to the devil, this is a NO!

Love Pastor Sandy

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