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What Are The differences between Bible Meditation and Positive Meditation (Confession)?

Biblical meditation is responding to the instruction from God that empowers humankind to prosper.

God told Joshua in Joshua 1:8 to meditate on the Word of God day and night, and he would see how to make his way prosperous.

God's Word is His power, full of His Love, righteousness, wisdom, anointing, grace, light, life, and much more.

When you meditate on God's Word, you connect your life with all the forces of His power that create, strengthen and preserve life.

The more you meditate on the Word, the more revelation you will see that activates increasing levels of life and success through your faith.

God's Word is a supernatural power, so its effect on your life will motivate you to desire and see His plan for your life.

As a new Christian just getting started meditating on the Word of God, I was a heavy smoker (two to three packs a day).

When I started renewing my thinking, the Lord began to deal with me about smoking, which was not good for me. I got very uncomfortable with smoking and finally decided I was going to quit.

I stopped smoking for five days, and on the sixth day, I had a fight with my ex-husband and started back smoking.

When I went to Church that Sunday, the Pastor announced there was deliverance from cigarette smoking and gave an altar call.

I went there, He prayed for me, and I was free. That was over thirty-five years ago!

Confession and its effect on our lives is a spiritual law. While you may think you can confess what you want and get it, that may be the case with a positive confession. The difference is the source of the power you use for your confession.

There are many voices and spirits in the world, but what power source are they using, and what effect will they ultimately have on your life? 1 Corinthians 14:10 What is their plan for your life?

The Bible says the devil comes as an angel of light but is from the deepest level of darkness. He can and will accommodate your confession for success, but the result is to confuse you and take you into the bowels of Hell.

As a born-again believer, your confessions using the Bible connect you with the creator of all Heaven and Earth. He is pure goodness, mercy, and lovingkindness, and you can trust Him.

Meditations and confessions from the Word of God will bring the highest level of salvation (prosperity) here on earth and for all eternity!

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