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Will You Answer the Call to Prayer?
The Prayer Guide that teaches you how to pray for every area of your life!

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Rev. Sandy Mays

Written by Rev. Sandy Mays

How did it all start?

I remember when I first got born again and wanting so much to be mighty in prayer. I wondered, how do I get into the power of the Spirit and have a powerful prayer life? I remember going into my walk-in closet to pray, to try to get into the power of the Holy Spirit. But after being in there for about 30 minutes, I still was unsuccessful in tapping into the place of prayer full of energy and far above my natural thinking.

After having a significant trial in my marriage, I began to pray with Scripture cards, written out in the first person, present-tense. I declared them three times a day, and immediately after, I would pray in other tongues. I realize now that I was writing those prayers on the Scripture cards, on my heart, and the Holy Spirit was causing every blessing to take root within my Spirit. I had been primarily praying for my marriage, but I decided to add other prayers for my life, my daughter's and my Mother, who lived with us during that time. 

As time went on, I kept writing out additional prayer cards for other areas in my home, and before long, I was carrying them in a recipe box so I wouldn't lose any of them. I had them with me all the time, so I could pull them out and pray them any time of the day. I was maintaining my prayer regiment of praying through the cards and then praying in other tongues. Even though I dealt with financial challenges and other difficulties, I noticed my faith getting stronger and stronger. I was keeping all my cares on the Lord, and my peace was increasing about my future.

All of a sudden, there was a change in my prayer life! When I prayed in other tongues, the Word of God that I had prayed in first-person present-tense began to come alive within me. I noticed significant power surges of the Holy Spirit rising within me and flowing through me. My prayer time evolved into over an hour, and it seemed like I had only been praying for ten minutes. My prayer time became more and more exhilarating as I became more aware of the power of the Holy Spirit and began declaring the Word of God. 

What was prayer cards in a recipe box has now become "Will You Answer the Call to Pray?". I'm still praying these same foundational prayers today! Every day that I declare these prayers, I experience a greater force of the Holy Spirit's power. The Holy Spirit fills me with visions, divine revelations, the Gifts of the Spirit in operation, and liberty to allow the Holy Spirit to express His power through me. 

It is not that I am unique; it is the power of the Word of God and the Spirit of God. You will experience the same magnificent power as you consistently use this resource too!

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"Will You Answer the Call to Pray?" is filled with the Scriptures that lead you to take your seat at God's Right Hand, the place of authority and power, to rule and reign over the earth through prayer.  It is amazing what the Holy Spirit can do through the prayers of a Believer when faith is released from this place of authority and continually planted, rooted, and watered daily.





The Prayer Guide also includes the wisdom of God, in an easy to use outline format to pray for our: 

  1. President, and all Political Leader 

  2. International Leaders

  3. Spiritual Leader's

  4. The Peace of Jerusalem

  5. Our Nation's Protection

  6. The Harvest

  7. Ministry and Business Associate

  8. For Your Family

  9. For Your Personal Life














Take charge of your day, life, and surroundings by praying from God's Right Hand!
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Praying the Word of God daily in first person present tense, trains your ear to hear the Holy Spirit accurately and respond in faith


1. A section of pre-written prayers in first person present tense for every area of your life. These prayers build your faith in what belongs to you as a Believer in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. You'll find prayers to develop strong faith in topics like:

  1. Authority in the Name of  Jesus

  2. Confidence in the Lord

  3. Debt Freedom

  4. Deliverance From Sin

  5. Divine Protection

  6. Divine Guidance

  7. Favor of God

  8. Freedom From Fear

  9. Health & Beauty

  10. Operating in the Love of God 

And much, much more!​

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