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Transform your iPhone 12 and up into a sanctuary of positivity with our exclusive Prayer Wallpaper Affirmations!


Elevate your spiritual experience every time you glance at your phone. Immerse yourself in a visual journey of inspiration, faith, and empowerment with our carefully curated collection.

🌟 Features:

✨ Stunning Visuals: High-resolution images designed to captivate and inspire.

✨ Daily Affirmations: Empower your day with uplifting prayers and affirmations.

✨ Customizable: Choose from a variety of themes that resonate with your spiritual journey.

✨ Easy Installation: Effortlessly set your wallpaper and carry your affirmations wherever you go. ✨ Peaceful Reminders: Receive gentle nudges of positivity throughout your busy day.


🙏 Why Choose Our Prayer Wallpaper Affirmations? In a world filled with distractions, embrace a daily dose of serenity. Our wallpapers serve as a constant reminder of your faith, guiding you through challenges and celebrating moments of gratitude. Elevate your spiritual connection and create a peaceful oasis on your iPhone 12.


🎁 Limited-Time Offer: Order now and receive an exclusive bonus pack of additional affirmations to enhance your spiritual journey even further! Don't miss the opportunity to transform your device into a source of inspiration.


🌈 Join the growing community of individuals who have embraced the power of positive affirmations in their daily lives. Order your iPhone 14 Prayer Wallpaper Affirmations today and embark on a journey of spiritual upliftment!

Prayer Affirmation iPhone Wallpaper The Blessing Qty-10

SKU: Prayer IP224
  • These iPhone Wallpapers are adjustable. Use one for your screensaver and the other for your wallpaper to keep your faith-inspired every time you look at your phone.

    After downloading your wallpaper to your phone:

    • Go to your wallpaper under settings.
    • Select Customize to select the wallpaper you want, then pinch it to adjust the fit.
    • Follow the same process to save the wallpaper to your screensaver.
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