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Sandy Mays Ministries

Deep inside of you, there is a giant born of God and filled with His power, wisdom, and ability to live in abundance to the full until it overflows. Start 2022 off from this place of tremendous victory!

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Discover the Powerful You!

The Bible states that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, and behold, all things become new. And all thing is of God (2 Corinthians 5:17-18).

These powerful words speak to every born-again believer who will receive God's power by faith. All things are new, and our life's details can now involve God. 

When anyone comes into a new place in life, it requires learning to transform their thinking abilities to succeed. As born-again believers in Christ Jesus, everything is new and of God. What do we need to do to activate the marvelous truth in our natural lives? 

I had to learn about God and how He thinks, talks, what He values, how He makes a decision, exists, etc.
How my life started.
My story started with years of living under rejection and searching to find acceptance to feel better about myself. 

I settled for mediocrity in every area of my life and did not look for or expect anything better.
I lived my life getting by the best way I could until I met Jesus and accepted Him as my Savior and Lord. He began the process of leading me out of the life of bondage and oppression, to a place of beauty, success and rising above the limitations of life.

As I went through this learning process and got acquainted with who God said I was, I arrived at a place of strength and confidence built through my relationship with Him
Every day of my life, He reveals new possibilities that He has prepared and provided. 

I learned to look at my life from a new perspective.
I had to start looking in a new place to find who I was. I had to stop evaluating my abilities and achievements level based on what I saw outside of myself.

I began looking through the direction and teaching of the Bible to the real source of my power. And, when I made the connection and maintained the relationship through repetition that renewed my mind, the breakthroughs came day after day.

My consistent pursuit of feeding my spirit the Word of God gave place to the faith of God in me, which unleashed the Grace of God to be who God said I would be.

As you join me on this journey of discovering life from the Creator of Life, you will be amazed at your results.

How will we start your Vision's Coaching Session?

  • Through my Vision Coaching sessions, we will go through the steps to develop the plan of God that will ignite His power and grace in your life. All sessions will be via Zoom.

  • We will outline your daily plan in my Vision Coaching workbook so you can easily stay on track with your regiment and take notes of your progress.


  • You will feed your spirit a regiment of Truth from the Word of God and grow in living by faith and listening to the voice of your born-again spirit. 


  • By the end of our sessions, you will build confidence in using your faith and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Thus you will recognize who God has made you and be ready to move forward to take new territory and win in 2022!

Let's start your journey today! Click the link for your initial consultation to meet the conqueror in you for 2022.

Let's start your journey!

Contact me today for your initial consultation.


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