Our goal for every service is to communicate to you what God is saying by the power of the Holy Spirit. We prepare to flow with the power of the Holy Spirit through daily prayer and study and meditation of the Word, so that every Word that is taught will fill you with the knowledge and understanding you need for your life at any given time. The Word of God and the Spirit of God agree in our services so you will be built up and prepared to grow from one level of God's glory to the next. This is why regular attendance in important, so you don't miss out on the influx of new LIGHT that comes from the corporate Anointing that is present every service.
Sunday Worship Service

Our Sunday Worship Service is held in our main sanctuary starting at 10:30 AM PST. 


Our services begin with our praise and worship to the Lord, completely surrendering our lives to praise and worship Him. As we praise and worship the Lord, all the cares and distractions in our lives from the week are removed, allowing the Holy Spirit to prepare us for the precious teaching from the Word.


Our expectation is to excel in spiritual understanding, wisdom  and a new level of Light every time we come together. Many lives are being changed from learning how to hear, receive and live their lives from regular attendance of our Sunday Services.


We stream our Sunday Service LIVE on our social media Facebook Page to reach our members all over the world.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Our Tuesday Morning Bible Study begins at 6:30 AM PST from our Facebook Messenger Page. During this Bible Study we discuss the principles of our Covenant with God and prepare to release our faith for them to show up in our day to day workplace, responsibilities, goals and businesses.


You can expect the eyes of your understanding to be increased every week to build your faith and your results. This is an interactive Bible Study and you will have the ability to ask questions and share revelations. We only ask that if you are in a noisy area, please put your phone on mute to cut down on the distractions during this awesome time in the Word. 

Any PDF's used for our Bible Study will be posted on the Facebook Message Page for you to utilize during the study.

Pre-Service Prayer

Join our Pre-service Prayer conference call every Sunday morning a 7:30 AM PST. To join us call (605) 313-4818 access code: 479650# and turn your phone on mute.


Prayer is lead by Pastor Sandy by the Holy Spirit using our Prayer Guide "Will You Answer the Call To Pray?" written by Pastor Sandy. 


During this prayer session we take our seat at God's Right Hand and pray for the great outpouring of the former and latter rain over our nation, President and our Sunday Service. Prayer request are also prayed for at that time. 

​To inquire about any of our services

Children's Ministry

We have the full  Super Kid Academy curriculm from Kenneth Copeland Ministry. We believe in teaching faith in the Word of God to our children at an early age, preparing them to live their lives knowing God as their loving Faith and the source in their lives.