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What will our Prayer Guide do for you?


Daily use of "Will You Answer the Call to Pray?" will:

  1. Renew your mind.

  2. Build your faith in who you are in Christ.

  3. Develop your faith to live a triumphant life and take your authority.​

  4. Create the vision of God for your life and decree it daily.

  5. Manage and keep you focused on your goals and plans.






Changing what you receive in life, requires changing how you see your life and then praying it into existence by faith!
Stir up the  Anointing with our pre-written health prayers and fill in the blank for the areas that need healing in your body.






Build your faith for healing with our "Divine Health & Healing Section!

1. Pray over troubled areas in your body and release the healing Anointing of God on them daily!

There is even a section for you to keep track of the revelations God gives you and write your own prayers in first person present-tense.


  • 7 x 10 inches

  • 164 Pages

  • Spiral bound

"Will You Answer the Call to Pray?" is used by Leaders all over the world! Let it empower your prayer life through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Read Kellie Copeland's 
Review, she calls it BRILLIANT!
Rick Reyna, Movie Producer, "Rally's For Christ" says "Will You Answer the Call to Pray?" changed his life!

Don't wait start today and make 2021 your power year! Quantity Discounts are available.

Contact us for quantity discounts at 

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