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Are You Ready To Play Full Out?

Happy New Year! 

Did you make New Year's resolutions for 2024? 

Saying goodbye to the previous year and hello to the New Year always inspires people to set new goals, give it their all, and plan for better results.

Playing full out means giving maximum effort and commitment to a task or activity. It implies going all-in and pushing your limits in various contexts, such as sports, business, or personal development. 

There's only one hand that will give you results beyond your wildest dreams when you play full out, and that's the hand that you use to draw closer and closer to your relationship with God. 

Not the relationship where you know of Him and speak of Him, but you do things your way. Instead, you seek to hear Him and respond by playing full out and giving Him your all. 

Going all the way with God is the way of faith, and learning how to walk by faith requires trusting God and His ways of doing things. Accurate teaching, examples, and guidance perfect the life of faith.

It's January 5, so why not make that decision if you still need to? You're looking for excellent results in life and extraordinary returns. 

Only one person can bring that to you; He knows the responses and the strategies that will take you there. 

Why not make that decision this year to do things differently to play full out with God? 

We invite you to join us this Sunday for a service that will inspire and give you what you need to go farther with God than you've ever gone and get the results that you've always dreamed of. 

Please inspire someone else with this email by sharing it and inviting them to join us this Sunday.

God Bless You,

Pastor Sandy Mays, Senior Pastor

Las Vegas Church of the Harvest


Las Vegas Church of the Harvest. 

Where the Word and the Spirit Agree!

Directions To Our New Temporary Worship Location:

North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Events Calendar Check this out to see what's happening this month.

Submit your prayer request. We are happy to pray for you!

Give: We pray over every financial gift you give to this Church and ministry, believing God to return it to you 100-fold! 

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