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Hey Family,

The excellent mini excerpts about the "Women of the Bible" that Dr. Hooks is sharing are amazing!

They make you wonder if you're thinking too small about your life!

Come out and join us tomorrow at 10:45 am PST.

Let's have some refreshments after service tomorrow.

Pastor Sandy

Join us for coffee with your updates on your 2023 Q1 goals.

Hey Family!

My New Prayer Course Is Ready!

"The Teach Me To Pray" Course will start building the power in your life in just 5 days for a confident relationship with God and prayer!

Here is my special introductory offer, only $17!

God Bless you,

Pastor Sandy

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Hey Brothers & Sisters,

After looking at the results of a poll showing the number of believers who have faith in the results of their own prayer life, I was disappointed to see such a low number.

Many believers hope that God will answer their prayers and show them mercy in some way, but the faith and confidence in being righteous are missing from the results they expect in prayer.

Approaching God from the viewpoint of being unrighteous, unworthy, and a sinner comes from their mouths in prayer as they beg God for an answer.

But prayer takes on a new level of power and faith for results when offered in the assurance of being RIGHT with God. Faith takes ownership of everything that Jesus did for every Believer.

When your faith understands and believes the Word of God, your prayer stands up in the Light of the mercy of God and says, "Thank You, Father God, for giving that to me. I take it with my faith!"

God needs us to be confident in His willingness and faithfulness to answer our prayers!

The darker our world grows, the Light in you and every member of the Body of Christ needs to shine confidently and boldly.

When you walk into a dark room in your house, do you turn the light on or leave it off? The light within you must shine through in prayer and in every way.

God is looking for the voices of His Light to break through the darkness through prayer.

Will you answer His call?

I invite you to come and join us this Sunday at 10:45 am PST and start building your faith to be confident in prayer.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

God Bless You,

Pastor Sandy

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