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Are you intentionally preparing for success in 2023?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Hello Dear Friend,

I ask you this question because 2023 is the year of fulfillment for those trusting and relying on God's Blessing. Those who are intentional about their relationship with Him with be fulfilled this year. God is a Spirit, and those who worship Him will do it in spirit and Truth. (John 4:24) Now is the time to learn who you are spiritually and build your relationship with God there. Your conscience is the voice of your spirit, so developing your spiritual awareness will make you more conscious of God. You will train yourself to listen on the inside of yourself to hear the voice and leading of God rather than mental reasoning. It is also the time to build your life and relationship with God from the inside out. As you develop your spiritual relationship with God, you'll find that you are not satisfied until you have fellowshipped with God over His Word. Why? Because that is where your faith comes from, and the more in faith you are, the more peace you have. If you want to grow spiritually and have a close relationship with God, I invite you to come and check out our Sunday Services at 10:45 am PST. Our focus is to assist you in growing spiritually and learning how to hear God and build a strong relationship with Him. Come out of the lifestyle full of fear, worries, and uncertainty from the cares of the news and media. Come into a close relationship and fellowship with the Almighty God, the Creator of all Heaven and Earth. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10:45 am PST. God Bless You, Pastor Sandy


In Person: Las Vegas Church of the Harvest 2000 S Jones #110 Las Vegas, NV. 89146. (702) 364-9041 Connect with our Sunday Services! Join us wherever you are! Online? Visit our online church campus: Here Youtube: Here Facebook Live: Here
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