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Are You Praying And Giving Your Angels Their Assignment To Help You?

Your Angels are part of your salvation package. They are mighty warriors who can go where you can't and do what you can't do.

They respond, excel in strength, and move forward as you speak the Word of God.

Here are some essentials to remember as you start your day. Remember to put them to work by speaking the Word of God in faith.

  • Every morning your ANGELS wait to hear what Promises of God you will pray for the day. Hebrews 4:14

  • God COMMISSIONED them to help you and enforce your prayers. Psalm 103:20

  • Start with PRAYING GOD'S ESSENTIAL PROMISES FOR YOUR DAILY NEEDS over your day. Matthew 6:8

  • The ANGELS will move forward for you at your command and bring the will of God into your life, whether it is HEALING, PROVISION, OR PROTECTION. Hebrews 4:14

Do you have a prayer request? Please leave it here.

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Las Vegas Church of the Harvest

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3117 W Craig Rd #110

North Las Vegas, NV. 89146. (702) 364-9041

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